Saturday, August 21, 2004

recentries future

this blog will be quiet for a few weeks while i visit foreign parts (can't imagine there will be many opportunities to post where I am going)...

Will consider then... whether or not to continue
in the mean time, good luck to all self-publishers. it seems to me there are connotations to the type of blog you have that may run deeper than (certainly I) was aware of...
words are (among other things) forces; for (among other things) opening spaces, and damning like judges... these two (at quantity least) dynamic possibilities have far reaching repercussions, for those issuing and those receiving (right readers?).
In a battle to stay non-reactive, I have to ask myself if it is correct that I continue, or may say things that I regret (and feel) more deeply than anything positive I may have acheived.
that for me, would be sad outcome...

Monday, August 16, 2004

moved to words again, surely not the best start to anything but writing (and even then?)

Will get hang of hyperlinkin soon, one hopes...
thinking about old Bill and the ghost of Chance, the ccru paper on this work is well worth reading... (I will find out from Mark K-Punk where it is located and hopefully link to it soon).
But found myself thinking of that one construction recently.... The Ghost of Chance.
From my early encounters with that thought, I believed the GoC was actually something which one encounters in life, the split micro-second of potentiality leading to an outside of daily-life, daily consciousness (as old Bill himself said 'altered consciousness is a writer's stock in trade').
That the GoC might be the opportunity one finds within a space, to travel intensively, to leave behind precisely the formation of perception/consciousness/subjectivity that maintains one here within the strata (although running parallel to the strata is the immanence one might contact fugitively at any (non)time, the GoC for me was the possibility of that fugitive contact).
That within the space of a cracked habit, an unanticipated turn from the organism might be found a living space of invitation... intensive encounters that feedback with their rhizomatic connections, leading onto, outo, into previously unencountered zones.
old Bill was definitely one for flying intensively, but my question still hangs in my my, what precisely is the space that old Bill is preparing us for with his exhortations of silence?

Friday, August 13, 2004

i can see my budgie's arse from here, pulsating like some micro proportioned black hole

shocking things afoot over at K-punk <>
was it really necessary to use someone as an example of sad passion?
Only Mark can know the answer...
sometimes people need a shock.
This is one of the sad things, we may reflect ad infinitum on the processes that will inspire, propel, move us towards freedom, zero intensity, BWO etc. But this somehow remains a long way from processes that might actually begin to acheive this (at least by the thougts of this pimple on the planet's surface).

One quote from CC I remember was that 'people never believe what is happening to them...'
and I remember this running deep, through my veins...
We are so immersed in an already explained - for the purposes of every day living -
(and yet obviously completely mysterious) world that when it gets punctured by the
shockwave possibilites of life, we often spoon around like morons waiting for our order of the world to be returned.... rather than acting immanently.
oh but how some must laugh...

As it is precisely that personalised (within an acceptale macro reality studio - scheme) order of the world which is problematic, and yet being so rigorously brittle that within it, one might even be able to convince oneself to die (Artaud on Van Gogh, the man suicided by society - obviously it is not merely a personal choice), one might ask the question what choices 'you' have ever actually made on your behalf...

if this is where we are, and where we are heading is a mode of engagement (what else is there for human intensive bodies to do with?) that does not rely upon these 'emplaced' modes,
then we must actually foster the necessary tools and equipment to survive without it, to use different tools and equipment, perhaps even a different level of energy?

I suspect surviving in a world becoming-alien (necessarily) without the way one has been since childhood maybe the most difficult thing one could ever undertake...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

calling sound

It is music’s duty surely to be the imperceptible courier of its own intensity to encrusted mammals of all human persuasions – to contain the seeds of its own realization at levels of greater potency (thought at a less stratified level of fluently interacting composition) alongside and within the potentials for all ‘dominant reality’ functionings to be subverted by experiences which it habitually prohibits.

meant to say that this was part of something I wrote a while back (for an uncompleted MA course on sound art) that were attempts to think about sound/music differently. Not sure how successful those pieces were (they tended to be in short but connected chunks) but may put a few up. btw would be only too happy to hear where other's views differ etc on this one...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

in releasing

I came up with this one evening in battle with my mind which wouldn't quit, that sometimes it is necessary to realise the courage of the insane

Friday, August 06, 2004

fragment returning like vomit

my earlier badiou post has been causing me headaches, so I changed a couple of bits since first posting (is there some bloggers etiquette here I should be aware of?). I didn't want it to be as reactive as it was.

I was also pissed off because I felt i had gone back into a philosophical world I didn't want to re-experience, the whole trading off of dialectical moves, the critique, counter critique, undermining terms etc. This is not something i want to engage with massively, it seems very territorial to me, very male...

(I am sure there are more intensively productive ways to work with people and delineate ideas).

I have however, left most of it up, those who want to eviscerate, feel free.
sometimes one has to evacuate philosophy...

pulsed perception - Reich sound

Powerful Steve Reich realisation recently.
I had always had a feeling with the orchestral - pulsing phase pieces, that i wasn't listening to them properly, this nagging sensation would occasionally hit me that there was a deeper way to hear the fast pulses of 18, new york counterpoint etc....
Then onE night last night week, I realised that 'a door' into other zones within the music was to be had by listening expressly to the 'between' the pulses...
changing the focus from foreground to between-ground... a transformative movement occurs that changes the nature of the material you are listening to (or certainly how you engage with it / become aware of it), like slipping beyond the surface of a stereographed image, into a new level, revealing new moving configurations of sound...
this was very exciting, as it seems to alter the form of sounds that have been there all along as you have been listening, but now sound somehow radically altered... sounds that have taken on a new form (and I would guess almost entirely in relation to the sounds around them, which of course run through them)...
I feel this is important as an aspect of the art of listening, the possibilities are there to experience sounds at deeper levels. I know Oliveros has made this her life work (alongside composition / improv) but sometimes we all need a kick in the arse of experience ourselves to realise something...

Thursday, August 05, 2004

a fragment of badiou

came across tis quote from Badiou on another blog:
'The duty of philosophy is clear: to rationally reconstitute the reserve of the affirmative infinity that every liberating project requires.'

surely, more than enough now has been written that places rationality as one (trans)human modality? it gets endlessly privileged as the heirarchies of abstraction and reason march on...
but then one must remember, this is from within philosophy, and philosophy has major overcoding problems around this zone.
the world is full of other zones that rationality sits alongside (or transects) that equally have their appropriate space-time for utilisation.
utilisation, not as much as within a project of afirmitive infinity (no bad thing in itself), but just in marshalling forces required to get some spaces into the organism.

becomings are fundamentally non-rational, they are in fact a short-circuit catalyst for reason / rationality / other foundation constructs for subjectivity. ()
rationally re-constituting something will get you realisations, but then clarity is only one part of the story )(
this kind of move denies the body, not only the body w/o organs, but even the possibilities and experiences of the body as hyper-rhythm /motion fields that are intrinsically involved in the perception that must be altered (haptic vision) to get out to the beyond of human strata)...

if rationality is swamped by the world 'gone mad' in the subject, then one could say that inherent in that might be a freedom from rationality... but of course, only if one thinks of rationality as an ally of control would this ever be a question (hmm, haven't thought greatly about that one, its just come up)... however, I don't think it is for nothing that Cronenburg / Burroughs intersection in the naked lunch film (mostly disappointing I know) brought as almost one of its first lines of dialogue:
'exterminate all rational thought'

after all if the miserly-misery of every day reality is partly constituted by rationality, then I for one, would be eager to find out what void is created by its absence.